Chicken pâté with chickpeas

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  • Chicken pâté with chickpeas

Chicken pâté with chickpeas

High quality chicken pâté with the addition of protein-rich chickpeas, natural spices, and boiled carrots. Traditionally baked (in an aluminium tray), without the addition of sodium glutamate and phosphates, preservative-free.
Excellent for sandwiches and as a tasty appetizer served cold. It is also great as a stuffing for traditional pies and dumplings.

Poultry product with chickpeas and vegetables, steamed, baked.

Ingredients: chicken meat 82%, boiled chickpea 23% (water, chickpeas), vegetables in varying proportions 9% (carrot, celery, parsley, leek), rapeseed oil, salt, spices, spice extracts, flavourings.
May contain gluten, mustard, milk including lactose, soy, eggs.

Nutrition information in 100g of product


704 kJ/168 kcal


8 g

- including saturated fatty acids

1,8 g


7 g

- including sugars

0,5 g


17 g


1,9 g