Pate in cranberry aspic

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  • Pate in cranberry aspic

Pate in cranberry aspic

Mekes: 8 servings


4 teaspoons gelatin

Vegetable stock cube

30 dag cranberry

sprig of fresh rosemary

1 kg pate Sokolow


Gelatin soak in 100 ml of cold water. The stock cube dissolve in 300 ml of hot boiled water and melt gelatin in it. Add cranberries and chopped rosemary, mix and cool it. Part of the aspic jelly pour on the bottom of the mold pie, set aside and wait until it becomes a desired consistency. Put a pate and add the rest of the aspic. Let cool it in the fridge. Gently cut off with a knife and remove from the mold. Cut into thick slides.