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Pork belly

Long baked, thin pork belly with a delicate soft skin and with natural spices. It has no preservatives, phosphates and monosodium glutamate added. It has a high content of proteins. It is characterized by high meat content (100g of the product is produced from 135g meat). Properly seasoned with natural spices, almost melts in your mouth.

Primarily recommended for sandwiches.

Pork product, steamed, roasted.

INGREDIENTS: pork belly with skin, with no bones (100g of the product is produced from 135g meat), salt.

Nutrition information in 100g of product


1410 kJ / 340 kcal


28,0 g

- including saturated fatty acids

11 g


0 g

- including sugars

0 g


22 g


1,5 g