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Pork roasted

Roasted pork NATURRINO it’s an exquisite product with no preservatives, phosphates and monosodium glutamate added. It has a high proteins- content. This product is extremely delicate and juicy. Its extraordinary taste is granted by high quality meat (100g of the product is produced from 117g pork), adequate backing process and only natural spices.

Roasted pork is a product inspired by the nature, with a subtle, pure meat taste. It could be served in various ways. It’s a perfect component of sandwiches; cut in dick slices could be served as a main dish.

Pork product, streamer, roasted.

IGREDIENTS: pork (100g of the product is produced from 117g pork), salt, glucose, spice extracts, dried garlic , black pepper, green pepper , dried red pepper, dried parsley , marjoram.

Nutrition information in 100g of product


648 kJ / 154 kcal


6 g

- including saturated fatty acids

2,4 g


2 g

- including sugars

1,5 g


23 g


2 g