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Roasted pate

Delicious chicken- pork pate, roasted in traditional way, prepared from the meats and offal of the best quality. Product with a high meat content (75%). The recipe is based on the extremely careful selection of ingredients of meat ,offal and a special blend of natural spices, herbs and vegetables such as: white and herbal pepper, ground , aromatic coriander and distinctive in taste roasted onions. Naturrino pate has no preservatives, phosphates and monosodium glutamate added. Pate has a distinctive, light- spicy taste- and it tastes as a traditional home- made pate. It could be served as a delicious, traditional cold appetizer and while cut into thin slices can be served on sandwiches.

Chicken- pork product, medium grind, roasted.

INRGEDIENTS: Meat 75% (incl. Chicken: 41%, pork 34%), chicken liver, crumbs (Contains : wheat flour , water, yeast , salt , sugar), egg- powder (eggs), water, chicken skins, salt, onion, fiber wheat gluten free, spices, sugar, rapeseed oil, wheat flour.
IT MAY CONTAINS: Soy, celery, mustard, milk with lactose.

Nutrition information in 100g of product


979 kJ / 235 kcal


17,0 g

- including saturated fatty acids

6,3 g


4,9 g

- including sugars

0,5 g


15,7 g


1,2 g