Roasted pork with plums

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  • Roasted pork with plums

Roasted pork with plums

Makes: 8 servings


70 grams of roasted pork Sokołów Naturrino

1 glass of heavy cream

Pinch of salt

Jar of horseradish

20 grams plums in vinegar

cup of shelled walnuts

pinch of gingerbread spice

tablespoon of red wine vinegar


Cut the pork into slides. Whip heavy cream with pinch of salt and add horseradish. Spread a pork slide with horseradish cream and put another pork slide on it, making a sandwich. Strain plums from vinegar and cut into big cubs. Fry walnuts on the dry pan and cut into pieces, add plums, gingerbread spice and a small amount of vinegar. Arrange pork sandwiches on the plate and serve with plums and walnuts.