Sandwich with naturino sausage

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  • Sandwich with naturino sausage

Sandwich with naturino sausage

Makes: 2 servings


long roll

piece Sokołów Naturrino Sausage (as long as a roll)

maple syrup or liquid honey

few slices of raw, smoked bacon Sokolow

red onion

teaspoon oil

brown sugar

french mustard

tablespoon of white wine vinegar


shredded iceberg lettuce (not much)

fried onion


Roll cut into 2 pieces, toast it. Make some cuts in sausage, spread it with maple syrup or honey, wrap with bacon slices and roast or bake it so long as bacon becomes crispy. At the end of backing you can spread sausages again with maple syrup or honey. Chop the onion into slices and stew it with oil with pinch of sugar; when it begins to caramelize add mustard and vinegar. Spread the roll with ketchup, add some salad, sausage with bacon, onion, ketchup and sprinkle with fried onions.